Who is OnSite Dermatology?

OnSite Dermatology is the national leading mobile dermatology practice that provides care to seniors living in independent, assisted, memory care communities and health care facilities. We specialize in the prevention, detection, and treatment of pre-cancerous and cancerous growths of the skin as well as other dermatological conditions (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc). To see some of the common conditions we treat and their descriptions, click here.

Are there any additional costs to have OnSite Dermatology come to my community?
No. There are no additional costs to the patient or the community for having OnSite Dermatology services at your community.
What are the benefits of having OnSite Dermatology come to my community?
Our goal is to provide your community with a value added service that will improve the quality of care to your residents. Our service makes residents’ lives easier by eliminating the need for transportation arrangements and lengthy wait times in doctors’ offices, and directs more one-on-one attention to the patients. By being seen at their community, patients are more likely to get the care they need, be seen in a timely manner, and are more at ease in familiar surroundings.
What services can Onsite Dermatology provide?

We are able to diagnose, treat, and prescribe. We provide preventative skin checks, as well as treat any skin ailments that residents may have. We are also able to perform biopsies and treat most skin cancers onsite. Some procedures are not conducive to being treated at the community. For those situations, we will refer the patient to a local dermatologist of the resident’s preference and once an appointment has been scheduled, we will make sure all of the lab results/pathology and relevant charting is available for the referring physician so that the patient is ready to be seen.

Does OnSite Dermatology offer any services in addition to Provider/Medical visits?

Yes! We offer presentations, literature and trainings to residents and staff. OnSite Dermatology offers educational presentations on topics such as Healthy Skin and Skin Cancer Awareness. Through these presentations, we make the residents aware of our services as well as offer tips to promote healthy skin and identification tips of potential problems. In addition to the presentations, we can provide monthly flyers noting upcoming visits and educational articles that can be incorporated into your monthly newsletters. We also participate in health fairs, family night events, and can provide in-service trainings for the facility staff.

Is there a cost for OnSite Dermatology to provide a presentation to the residents?

No. OnSite Dermatology believes that it is important to educate people about their skin, the changes we go through as we mature, and the widespread occurrence of skin cancer.  We are pleased to give complimentary presentations to the communities where we provide services.

What can you expect from an OnSite Dermatology Presentation?

Our goal is to provide educational content that relates to seniors and the process of aging skin. A general presentation lasts no longer than 45 minutes. During the presentation, we will also briefly educate the residents on our services. OnSite Dermatology provides free gift bags to all residents who attend the presentation.

Example Presentation:
Skin Cancer Awareness: Introduction – Who is OnSite Dermatology?, What is Skin Cancer?, Discuss the 3 kinds of Skin Cancer (Basal, Squamous, Melanoma), Who is at risk, What can you do to protect yourself, promote early detection & positive statistics.

How are OnSite Dermatology's services paid for?
This works just like a typical doctor’s visit except we do not collect any co-pays or deductibles up front. Primary and, if applicable, supplemental insurances are directly billed. Responsible parties are billed for any remaining balance. The community is not responsible or involved in the patient’s account. For More Information
Who will see the residents?

OnSite Dermatology is made up of highly trained and fully licensed medical staff that includes Dermatologists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Doctors.

Additional Questions: Please call us toll-free at 877-345-5300

Who bills for the service?

OnSite Dermatology will directly bill the residents’ insurance plans. For more information about what types of insurances we accept, click here or call us toll-free at 877-345-5300.

When will you come to see the residents?

Our goal would be to schedule a recurring day and time on a monthly basis where our practitioner would visit the community. Continuity adds a sense of familiarity and consistency to both the residents and the staff. This also allows for the providers to build valuable relationships campus-wide and provide (prescribed/recommended) medical follow up. Furthermore, this gives communities the opportunity to post visit dates and allows the residents advance notice of when the practitioner will be on premise.

How do the residents schedule an appointment to see the practitioner?

Easy! Either sign up on the Sign Up Sheet or call us directly. Each month, we will provide the community with a flyer and sign-up sheet. Approximately one week prior to our visit we will ask to have the sign-up sheet faxed to our office so we can call and schedule their appointment time. In addition, residents and staff can contact OnSite Dermatology through our toll-free number to schedule an appointment directly.

Will the residents receive scheduled appointment times?
OnSite Dermatology will schedule the independent residents with set appointment times (i.e. Mrs. Smith 9:30 am). Assisted living or health care residents will be scheduled in cooperation with the community.
What information is required to schedule a patient for an appointment?
For an Assisted Living or Healthcare resident, we would require a copy of the resident’s demographic sheet. For Independent residents, we would require their name, DOB, insurance information and full contact information.
What if the resident has a Power of Attorney?
For those residents that have a Power of Attorney (POA), we would require the POA to complete and sign a “Consent for Service” form and a HIPAA agreement.
Where do you see the residents?
OnSite Dermatology would require a central location within the community that offers privacy to treat the residents.